New Delhi: After receiving a tip-off that the man behind the rampant luxury car theft would be arriving near Hyatt Regency Hotel in Delhi, police on Wednesday arrested Sehrawat for stealing luxury cars under different guises.

35-year-old Satendra Singh Sehrawat is an MBA graduate who steals luxury cars and sells them to drug dealers who would then transport narcotic substances through the vehicles. Because of the vehicles being luxury cars, authorities would hesitate to conduct search on the vehicles.

Sehrawat would allegedly disguise himself in well-to-do attire and would visit valet parking of big hotels. Pretending to be busy on the phone, the MBA man would then sneak up to the key stand and casually stroll out with a luxury cars key in his hand.

“To those managing the parking area, the accused would come across as a regular businessman. Sehrawat would utilise that perception about him to quietly remove one key from the stand, and drive away in the car,” said the officer.

Sehrawat’s modus operandi was caught through assessing CCTV footage outside of the luxury hotels.