New Delhi: An officer’s right hand was chopped with a machete by two contractors in Basaveshwaranagar, Bengaluru for refusing to pass inflated bills.
HR Srinivas, a technical coordinator implementing the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS) is undergoing treatment at a hospital in Basaveshwaranagar.
Talking to TOI, Srinivas said, “This is what we get for being honest and doing our duty.”
The doctors at the hospital said they are exploring the possibility of reconstructing the hand.
Narrating his ordeal, Srinivas said the contractors had exaggerated the measurements of works executed and when the amount was reduced, the contractors got angry.
“We found that the contractors had exaggerated the measurements of works executed. The official estimate for each pit was Rs 69,000.We decided to reduce the amount to Rs 42,000 per pit as they did not conform to the prescribed standards. That angered contractors Keshava and Manjunath,” Srinivas said.
On Monday, one of the contractors went to Srinivas’s office and threatened him with dire consequences if he reduced the amount.
Keshava reportedly warned him: “I’ll chop your hand if you sign the modified bill.”
But Srinivas did not listen to them and decided to go by the rulebook.
“After finishing work, I was riding back to Magadi from Kunigal, about 20 km away, on my two-wheeler when Keshava and Manjunath followed me on a bike. At Thalakere, one of them pulled out a machete and swung it at me. They missed. As I slowed down, they slashed my right hand. Before they could strike again, I took a U-turn and sped away till I reached a tea stall. When I stopped, I realized my hand had been chopped and I was soaked in blood. The people at the tea stall called an ambulance and shifted me to a hospital in Magadi and then to Bengaluru.”
An FIR has been lodged with the Kudur police in Ramanagar district.

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