Hyderabad: In a bid to make sure the force serving the city is fit and healthy, the Hyderabad police department has made it obligatory for all police stations to have gyms. Police Commissioner M Mahender Reddy made the announcement of accommodating fitness centres in all police station in the city on Wednesday.
The department has made arrangements for treadmills, stationery cycles, yoga mats, dumb-bells, skipping ropes and other gym equipment in the gyms to make the policemen fit.
It is aimed that each policeman should at least spend an hour inside the gym. The general excuse that comes from the police staff for not paying attention on their health and fitness is that their continuous duty keeps them away from the exercise. Now no such excuse will be considered one hour exercise is mandatory for every policeman.
The police stations are being renovated and space is being created for the gym to be functional. It is also kept in mind that with the basic equipment provided in the gym facilities will be improved, the fitness centres will soon have benches, multiple exercise equipment and weights for shoulder, chest and arm exercises.
The space within the police station is carefully chosen so that there is no problem during expansion and the policemen have ample space to exercise.