New Delhi: After two months of relentless searching into the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Air Force (IAF) on Thursday announced that all passengers aboard the missing AN-32 aircraft are dead. The IAF exclaimed that there were no chances of survival of any passengers.

The IAF aircraft Antonov-32 had gone missing on 22nd July with 29 passengers onboard, including six crew members. The aircraft had gone missing over the Bay of Bengal when it was on its way to Port Blair in Tamil Nadu.

Despite completely sweeping the Bay of Bengal for any information relating to the whereabouts of the aircraft, it was assumed by the IAF that there were bleak chances of survival for any passengers.

“No fewer than 201 search and rescue sorties, using all suitable aircraft at our disposal were undertaken. Approximately 2,17,800 square Nautical Miles (Sq Nm) has been covered multiple number of times by these aircrafts,” the statement said.