New Delhi: The long-delayed 7.87 billion euro Rafale deal to buy 36 jets from France is likely to be signed on September 23, official sources said on Thursday. The cabinet is set to meet next week to set the prices for the jets.

“India had agreed to pay 7.87 billion euros ($8.84 billion) for the jets and would sign the deal on September 23,” sources said.

The French Defence Minister Jean Yves Le Drian will be visiting India next week to ink Rafale deal, bringing to an end the 17-month-long negotiations.

The aircraft deal has passed through many rounds of negotiations which have been countered and re-countered multiple times.

The price of the jets was the only issue left to negotiate in the Rafale deal with France.

The closure on the deal finally came with the visit of French president Francois Hollande to India in January.

If the deal is signed by the Indian government, the fighter jets will begin entering service in 2019.