New Delhi: The sudden absence of a senior official at Doordarshan since Friday in New Delhi area has been shrouded in mystery.

Jayant Kharche, the Deputy Director General (DDG) at the engineering department in Doordarshan, has been missing since Friday afternoon, officials conducting the investigation confirmed.

Kharche allegedly left for a meeting on Friday afternoon in the locality of his office building. Because of the proximity of the place to his office, Kharche walked instead of hailing a cab. But when he was reportedly missing from the meeting, his colleagues tried his phone which was switched off.

Kharche’s family has filed a missing complaint with the police.

“On the personal front, Kharche was in a happy space as his daughter was studying in Pune and there was nothing that was worrying him. He was a loner and a workaholic and there’s no enmity angle that the family has spoken about to us. They have said that there might have been some issues on the work front that could have been troubling him,” said police.

Photos of Kharche have been circulated at crowded intersections in the city.