New Delhi: Hyderabad police made a cringing discovery on Sunday when they attended a grizzly scene of an unidentified woman near Gandipet area whose throat was slit and who was struck with a boulder.

The Narsingi police said that the victim was found in Sri Nagar colony and is believed to be 20-22 years of age.

“The assailants killed the victim by throwing a boulder on her head. There was also a cut injury on her throat. The victim’s hands were tied with a piece of cloth,” Narsingi inspector P Ramachander Rao said.

The woman was wearing a white T-shirt, blue pants and a black jacket. Police also found with her a black veil, a soft drink bottle, a chocolate wrapper, a white flip-flop and a talisman wrung around her neck.

When investigation authorities assessed the CCTV footage near the crime scene, they found an unidentified man riding with the woman on a black bike on the footage.