New Delhi: The controversial granting of bail to the notorious former RJD MP Mohammad Shahabuddin by the Patna High Court will be challenged in the highest court of India on Monday.

The petitions will be heard by a bench of justice PC Ghose and justice Amitava Roy. The Bihar government and Chandrakeshwar Prasad, whose three sons were allegedly murdered by the henchman of Shahabuddin over a property dispute, will challenge the decision taken by the Patna High Court on September 7.

Not only Prasad, but another petition filed by slain journalist Rajdev Ranjan’s wife will be heard in the Supreme Court.  Ranjan was allegedly shot dead by Mohammad Kaif, a man who was first seen with Shahabuddin and that Lalu Yadav’s son.

Shahabuddin, who was incarcerated for numerous cases including extortion and murdrer, was released on questionable decision of bail after 11 years in jail.

One of the appeals says that there are a total of 58 cases pending against Shahabuddin, 8 of which have resulted in his conviction. The former RJD MP has been sentenced to life in two cases.

Even while inside the jail, Shahabuddin is known for putting out orders to execute an operation.