Chhindwara: It is said that there is no age for someone to fall in love and when people do, they ignore the reality without realising the consequences that with one decision some others may fall deep into trouble. 
In yet another case of denying the responsibility, a 55-year-old married man, who fell in love with one of his own relative, left his wife and children. The incident took place in Madhya Pradesh’s Chhindwara district.
The wife approached a counseling centre and said that her husband was having an extra marital affair. She said her husband refused to accept her and the children and that he has also named his will on the name of the other woman.
According to sources, the counseling centre called both the husband and wife,  where the 55-year-old said that he did not want to live with his wife and children, but instead wanted to live with the other woman.
However, so far, there has been no hearing on the case by the counseling centre.