It definitely is unimaginable to think that your own parents would do that to you. But yes, it indeed happens in some parts of the country where people have started adopting the measure of ‘corrective rape’ in order to cure gay sex or homosexuality. 

According to a media report, the statistics from the team at LGBT Collective in central Telangana, there have been 15 cases of ‘corrective rapes’ in the last five years as parents are trying to turn their gay kids straight by getting them raped by a family member that could be their mother too.

A member of crisis intervention, Vyjayanti Mogli explained, “We are sure there are many more cases, but they go unreported.” She further added, “We came across such cases not because they reported the rape, but because they sought help to flee their homes.”

According to the reports, ‘corrective rape’ in most of the cases is a crime committed by a family member. 

If a woman in their house turns lesbian, a family member is encouraged to rape her, believing that it would cure her ‘disease’.

“Victims find it traumatizing to speak of their brothers or cousins turning rapists and prefer to delete the incident from their memories and cut off ties with their families. Which is why such cases almost never get reported,” Vyjayanti was quoted in the report.

She further informed that usually a cousin is the one who is roped in for the ‘project’, while in some communities, especially South India, marriages among cousins are common. 

“Parents of the girl several times have decided that she would be married to one of her cousins soon after her birth. Now, if this girl is discovered of having a relationship with another girl, elders in the family believe that having sex with her would-be, even if it is forcefully will cure her,” she explained. 

The Indian Supreme Court in 2013 reinstated a colonial law that banned gay sex.

What is Corrective Rape?

Corrective Rape is a term coined in South Africa where this practice is quite common. It is a hate crime where people are raped because of the perceived sexual orientation or gender identity. It is usually used a tool used by the parents to ‘straighten’ the child who is either a gay or a lesbian. 

It has often been associated with the increasing numbers of HIV infections in South African lesbians. Some of the major side-effects of corrective rape include physical trauma, psychological trauma, unwanted pregnancy, HIV infection, mutilation. In severe cases, people are also likely of adopting extreme steps such as suicide.

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