New Delhi: The Indian government’s fight against pre-natal sex determination advertisements on search engine sites like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft has climbed up a notch after the Centre told judges of the Supreme Court that it will be making a list of ‘keywords’ which will automatically ‘lead to nothing’ on the search engine.

With rampant pre-natal sex determination test advertisements on the internet, this notorious practice of determining whether a foetus is a girl or a boy has been under the lens of the Supreme Court for a long time. Now, the Information Technology ministry will submit a list of 42 phrases which will be submitted before a bench headed by Justice Dipak Misra.

The most common words being GENDER SELECTION, SEX SELECTION, PRENATAL SEX DETERMINATION, BABY GENDER SELECTION, SEX ELECTION, etc, search engines will be forced to automatically block results which lead to these advertisements.

The Centre had been ordered by the Supreme Court on July 15 to take urgent steps to stop the search engine from hosting advertisements for determination of sex. Sex determination is illegal in India mainly because of the vast number of female foetuses which are aborted because of it.

According to a latest data on the issue, more than five lakh female foetuses are aborted annually.


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