New Delhi: Gau Rakshaks (cow vigilantes) in Gurgaon have applied for license to arm themselves with weapons citing that they have security concerns relating to their fight against cattle smugglers.

According to the gau rakshaks, cattle smugglers are posing as a threat as they allege that they are constantly fighting against an armed group.

The Gurgaon cow vigilantes said that when they try to stop the cow smugglers from operating at night, they are attacked with arms by the smugglers. They say they have been fired upon many times.

Dharmendra Yadav, the head of the Haryana Gau Rakshak group, said that cow smugglers work in an environment of more than ten men at a time. Yadav alleged that he has been attacked more than three times by the group.

However, cow vigilantes have also suffered casualties in this war against freedom for cows. Vikrant Yadav was murdered on August 24, 2013 when he tried to follow a group of cow smugglers.

But largely, the victims of this diktat against beef ban have been innocent vendors who have been attacked and killed for mere possession of beef or selling suspicious meat. 

The group exclaimed that they were against certain fringe elements which mire the battle. They agreed with Modi’s remark and said that 70-80% of gau rakshaks are involved in activities which question the legality of their action.