Bengaluru: A 38-year-old woman from Bengaluru was arrested for marrying seven men and later deserting them to extort money from them. The suspect was identified as Yasmin Banu, a resident of Saraipalya, Bengaluru.

According to police, Banu married seven men — Zaid Seth, Siraj, Asif, Shoaib, Afzal and Imran. The identity of her seventh husband is yet to be ascertained.

The Bengaluru woman used to woo rich men for money and then desert them.

The incident came to light when Imran, Banu’s first husband approached the KG Halli police to file a complaint. Banu and Imran got married eight years ago and had two children also.

Imran also informed the police about Banu’s marriage to six other men.

“She extorted ₹2.5 lakh from me before deserting me,” he told the local police, reported Deccan Herald. “She is extremely fond of money. I was not in touch with her after she left me. However, she contacted me recently on my mobile phone.”

Imran said that Banu has threatened to lodge a complaint against him if he refused to pay.

Afzal, one of the husbands of Banu also approached the police with the same claims.

“Banu approached me for a job. I offered her the receptionist’s post at my office. I had problems in my domestic life.”

“I had an affair with Banu and married her. However, she extorted money from me and deserted me,” he told the police.

Banu, however, denied the allegations against her and said she was married to Imran only.

“The police will probe Banu’s extortion acts only. The police will investigate the seven marriages of Banu only if all seven lodge complaints about the marriage,” said a senior police officer.