New Delhi: In a shocking series of incidents, a man allegedly committed suicide after being bashed by the kin of a girl, with whom he was in a relationship. 
The victim, who was a resident of west Delhi’s Nihal Vihar area, was later identified as Yagya Sharan Dutt. 
As per sources, the couple had gone for lunch in restaurant, where Yagya met a few acquaintances of girl. The agitated contacts of the girl took the couple to the police station and later Yagya’s uncle and the girl’s family members were summoned.
Further disclosing the matter, a relative said, “The girl’s father insulted Yagya and asked him to stay away from his daughter.” He also made him touch the girl’s feet and accept her as his sister”, the relative added.
Commenting on the ‘embarrassing’ incident, a senior police officer said Yagya used to stay with his uncle and hanged himself when his uncle was out to work. As per the post-mortem report, there were no signs of physical torture, said the officer adding that the victim was depressed since the girl did not reciprocate his advances.