New Delhi: A 19-year-old youth has been arrested for stealing cars, especially Honda City brand, to take joyrides and sleep at night with the air conditioner on but abandoning them on the roads after their fuel was finished, police said on Thursday.
Amrit Singh was arrested on Wednesday a few metres away from his house in Gandhi Nagar in east Delhi on a tip-off when he came there. 
Police said that Singh was an active car thief and has been involved in more than 16 such cases. 
“Six Honda City cars and a motorbike have been recovered from his possession.
“Singh’s identity was revealed after a dedicated police team scrutinised CCTV footage recovered from the places he had chosen to steal vehicles from,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police Rishipal. 
Singh not only enjoyed riding in the stolen vehicles but also used to sleep in them at night with the air conditioner on. 
“Whenever the car’s fuel was over, he left it on the roads and stole another vehicle fitted with an air conditioner,” added Rishipal.