New Delhi: The Congress on Tuesday filed a complaint with the Election Commission, alleging that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had not given “true and correct account” of election expenses in Lok Sabha polls to Varanasi seat and sought his disqualification as a MP.

The complaint filed by Congress legal and human rights department secretary K.C. Mittal on behalf of local party leaders Rajesh Mishra, a former MP, and Varanasi party chief Praja Nath Sharma, alleged that Modi had violated the provisions of Representation of People Act.

“The complaint basically is that he has failed to submit true account of his election expenses in parliament election. He has submitted account of Rs.37,62,351 but actually amount spent is much more,” Mittal contended.

The complainant alleged that Modi undertook an “opulent election campaign” and “opened swanky election office” in the “costliest area” of Varanasi.

It said that according to an estimate, the cost of the high tech renovation of his election office was approximately Rs.2 crore and this should be be counted in his election expenses.

The complainant said that Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh had established separate offices for Modi’s campaign in some parts of Varanasi and also distributed campaign material.

“They had assembled from various parts of India. They incurred all expenses but the same has not been included by Modi in his return,” the complaint alleged, adding the RSS was not “registered as a society or an association, nor as a registered political party and is not an official constituent” of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Seeking notice to Modi, the complaint said that all records may also be called for further inquiry.

“We request that the matter may be proceeded further and necessary action may be taken to disqualify him,” it said.

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