New Delhi: The selfie craze among people doesn’t seem to be dying anytime soon. They are risking their lives for that one perfect picture.

A selfie with a pet or a beautiful background or friends, all look good and are non-hazardous. But a selfie with a snake is something crazy. And these men actually did this crazy act to prove that they are the real selfie pythons.

In this bizarre video, a group of people are seen taking selfies with a python in Rajasthan’s Mount Abu and it’s taking the Internet by storm.


The video shows a man taking selfies with his phone, while people in the background are holding the huge python in their hands. In an attempt to take a clear shot, the man gets closer to the python. But the angry reptile bites him in the shoulder and the man falls.

The strange video clip has gone viral on the Internet and has already been watched by hundreds of people.


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