New Delhi: As per the incident reported from Bengal, police found a body of a man in a tea garden in Nagrakata area of Jalpaiguri district on Friday.

The deceased who was later identified as Raju Minj, was accused of performing witchcraft activities and had been missing from the past few days. After the body of the deceased was recovered, police nabbed the sister of the man who was making the allegations of witchcraft against him.

The body of the 48-year-old man was found in Bhagatpur Tea Garden, after some morning walkers complained of pungent smell; later the police was informed.

At the time police was following the course of investigation, they came to know that Raju’s younger sister Chandmani had been claiming he performed witchcraft to other people for some time. Bengal police also took the sister in custody in order to unearth the case’s mystery.