New Delhi: In a bizarre incident, an Odisha news daily called ‘Sambad’ published a sketch of a person looking very similar to journalist Rajdeep Sardesai on Friday.

“Just saw a Odhiya newspaper Sambad puts up my sketch as a terror suspect based on RW Twitter gang mischief.If not war, these guys will kill! Photo shopped pics,lies,fake reporting, abuse: what next will this bhakt army stoop to on Twitter? And who will call their diabolical bluff?” he wrote.

The newspaper later apologised to the journalist on Twitter.

“Sir, we sincerely apologise for this grave error on our part,” they wrote.

While accepting the apology, Rajdeep Sardesai demanded that the sincerity is shown on the newspaper’s front page tomorrow.

“Apology accepted but expect it with the same prominence on your front page Tomw. And start a refresher course,” he responded.

The sketch of the terror suspect was first issued after two school children reportedly saw 5 to 6 men in ‘navy fatigue’ and carrying arms near the Uran Navy base in Mumbai. It was shared widely and was also published by newspapers across the country.