New Delhi: Kalahandi district of Odisha had previously been in the headlines for its insensitive nature towards its residents which came into spotlight when a tribal man was forced to carry his dead wife on his shoulders for 12 kilometres after his request for an ambulance was denied.

The indifferent district has again made it to the headlines with another tragic incident. Four daughters, Pankajini Dash (50), Radha Thakur (45), Pratima Dash (39) and Sanjukta Mund (40) from the district were forced to carry the body of their mother on their head to the cremation ground in the Dokripada village of the district’s Golamunda block on Saturday, September 24.

As per reports, Kanak Satpathy who was 75 years old, passed away after prolonged illness on Friday night. Following the death, four of her daughters pleaded with their neighbours to help them in performing their mother’s last rites. But with nobody coming forward to lend a helping hand, the daughters were forced to carry their dead mother onto their head to the cremation ground.

After waiting for hours, when the daughters received no help from the neighbours, they finally placed the body of their mother on a woven cot and moved towards the cremation ground. Also, with no wood for the funeral pyre, they dismantled the roof of their house for the wood required for the cremation.

The four daughters of the deceased were living with their mother for a while after the husbands of the two daughters died and the other two were deserted by their husbands as they did not have any source of income.

As per one of the residents of the district, they use to beg for food in order to survive.

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