New Delhi: After delivering a harsh rhetoric in Kozhikode against Pakistan for the Uri attack, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will now conduct a briefing on the Indus Waters Treaty.

Prime Minister Modi will meet with relevant officials on Monday which will include ministers from External Affairs and Water Resources.

Before taking any decision against Pakistan, PM Modi wants to analyse the impact of the decision and how it will affect relationship with India’s neighbour in the long run. If India is bent on giving a response to the Uri attack, the Indus Waters Treaty will serve as the first precedence for hostility between the two countries.

There is a growing consensus that the Indus water tap which provides water to Pakistan should be turned off so that Pakistan is pressured to crack down on dissidents within its territory.

However, influencing the Indus Waters Treaty is easier said than done. Since the treaty is an international agreement, India’s decision to extricate itself from the agreement might attract international condemnation.

The Indus waters originate from China, and much like how India controls water flowing towards Pakistan, China also has relatively crucial control over the water. Since China has openly condemned unrests across its borders, the Indus Waters Treaty might become a tough deal to break.