New Delhi: The cruelty of Uttar Pradesh police against dogs has been caught under the spotlight. In the latest incident which indicates gross animal cruelty, a sub-inspector fired shots at the dog while raiding a house at Ramaji Dham in Agra’s Shastri Puram locality.
The animal which is considered to be the most faithful and loyal friend to humans seem to be caught under the cruelty of UP cops. Previously, a sub-inspector shot a dog in Lucknow which had bitten him after which the dog was nowhere to be seen.
In another incident from UP’s Agra which has gone viral on the net, it showcases the sub-inspector whipping out his pistol and firing at a dog near the house which was being raided by the police. However, the Sinkandra Police shielded themselves from the incident by claiming that the shots were fired just to scare away the animal.
The SSP of Agra, Preetinder Singh has ordered an inquiry into the incident. Additional SP Anurag Vats has been asked to conduct the enquiry and submit his report.
The incident allegedly took place when Sikandra police raided the house of one Bhupendra Singh who has been named as an accused in a Rs 50-lakh fraud case by Prashant Yadav, resident of Etah.
As per reports, the sub-inspector allegedly beat up a pregnant woman and misbehaved with an elderly woman. The cruelty of the sub-inspector was caught on the CCTV footage where Rajesh Pal Singh was seen taking out his pistol and firing at the dog who luckily escapes unhurt.
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