TAMIL NADU: Days after the Maggi controversy, the trouble seems to be escalating for Nestle as it has now been caught into another controversy. This is sure to blow your mind off as the brand is reported to risk the life of infants who are having ‘Nestle NAN PRO 3′ milk powder in their daily life. This product from the company is found to be infected by ‘live larvae’ (an undeveloped form of other animals that go through some metamorphosis). (Also Read: Maggi lovers… Your favourite ‘2 minute noodles’ is likely to be banned soon. Should you stop eating it?)

After the furious controversy revolving around Maggi which has even put some star names from the tinsel town into dock, a milk powder sample has been declared unsafe by Tamil Nadu Food Safety Wings stating that it was infected by larvae. (Also Read: 8 reasons you should not eat Maggi)

A taxi driver from Puliakulam, Coimbatore, Prem Ananth reportedly purchased this milk powder for his kids and after feeding his first child, he was about to feed the other one when he realized that it was infected with larvae. His first infant who was fed with the milk powder suffered skin allergy and was rushed to hospital where he was admitted to a personal paediatric care centre.

The driver then registered a voice complaint with the Nestle Customer support following which the local area manager G Krishnaperumal was sent to investigate the matter who later tried to convince Ananth that he would replace the product. However, anxious Ananth denied the same as he decided to take the matter to the Tamil Nadu Food Safety and Drug Administration Department (Food Safety Wing).

As he took the sample of the product for testing, it was then discovered that the sample had 28 live larvae and 22 rice weevils.

In the meanwhile, the designated food safety officer, R Kathiravan then confirmed the report about larvae in the milk powder, suggesting that the results could not conclude that all Nestle products are unsafe.

What is Larvae?

Larvae are an active immature form of an insect, particularly one that differs greatly from the adult and forms the stage between egg and pupa such as a caterpillar or grub.

According to the free dictionary, “larvae are the newly hatched, wingless, often wormlike form of many insects before metamorphosis.”

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