New Delhi: Former Supreme Court judge Markandey Katju on Monday stirred a new controversy through his Facebook post in which he offered Bihar along with Kashmir to Pakistan.

The post shared by the former SC judge on his Facebook page on Sunday said, “Pakistanis, let us end our dispute once and for all. We offer you Kashmir, but on the condition you also take Bihar. It is a package deal.”

Dragging in the 10th Prime Minister of India, Atal Bihari Vajpayee in his post, Katju said that the former prime minister had offered this deal to Pervez Musharraf at the Agra Summit, but he “stupidly rejected it”.

The controversial post irked a lot of people and in order to pacify the agitation, Katju further commented that “many Biharis lack a sense of humour”.

Taking a jibe at the state of Bihar, Katju wrote another post in which he said that the Pakistan government had “point blank refused the offer of taking Kashmir along with Bihar, and they have profusely apologized for ever asking for Kashmir at all and have promised never to ask for it again”.

However, bringing all this to end, Katju wrote another post saying, “I was only joking about Bihar”. He further posted all the messages and comments he had received in reply to his first post.

The controversial post by the former SC on his social media account annoyed many but that wasn’t going to affect the former judge as in a fresh new post he said, “Mr. K.C. Tyagi, General Secretary of JDU, has said I should be charged for sedition regarding my statements on Bihar. I have a better suggestion. I should be charged under the Lunatics Act.”

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