New Delhi: Popular Marathi actress Nivedita Saraf recently took to her Twitter handle to reveal something very surprising about the Indian Railways. Nivedita’s hand bag was chewed off by a rat during one of her train journeys and she immediately tweeted about the incident to Indian Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu: 
In the morning of September 23 while travelling by train to Nivedita’s utter dismay she woke up to find that a rat had chewed off a part of her handbag while she was sleeping. While talking to Times of India the actress said, “I was aghast when I saw my purse because it had been right below my head. What if the rat had taken a bite off my face, or hair? I Tweeted a photo of my ruined purse and tagged Suresh Prabhu.”
Reacting to the actress’ tweet, Central Railway Chief PRO Narendra Patil said, “The passenger has tweeted about her grievance mentioning Railway Ministry and her tweet has been considered as her proper complaint.”
He added, “The pest control staffs keeps doing their job from time to time, but sometimes leftover edibles in the trains invite rats.”
Nivedita Saraf is a popular actress of the Marathi and Hindi film industry. Her acting career spanned from the late 1980s to the early 1990s.
However, it seems that Nivedita Saraf is new to the mircro blogging site Twitter. As per the details in the profile she joined Twitter this month and it doesn’t have a profile picture. The account follows 31 accounts and is followed by 45.