New Delhi: Sanjaya Baru, the ex-advisor of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh while talking to media took a jibe at Congress by praising former PM Narsimha Rao. 
He said, “Congress treated Narsimha Rao terribly; he was elected President of Congress party and ran the Congress party for 5 years. When Narasimha Rao died they did not allow his body to come to the party headquarters and did not allow his funeral in Delhi. Narsimha Rao brought major economic changes because the BJP under Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji’s leadership supported him. What Narsimha Rao did on both economic and foreign policy front, all those initiatives have continued through successive governments.”
The author of ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ even mentioned that Rajiv Gandhi’s fiscal management was a total failure which was criticised by many economists. He added, “There are two reasons for the crisis of ’91. First factor, the economic policies we followed after 1985 were borrowed by Rajiv Gandhi internationally, very heavily and fiscal deficit went up. Second factor was that in Nov ’90 when VP Singh’s government fell, R Venkataraman agreed to swear in a minority govt led by Chandra Shekhar on the condition that Rajiv Gandhi will allow the govt to present a budget in Parliament and to deal with the crisis.”
He even added, “There was a problem of political management on VP Singh’s part and there was problem of economic management on Rajiv Gandhi’s part. Rajiv Gandhi gave him assurance, but just one week before the budget date he took the decision to withdraw support and didn’t allow Chandra Shekhar to pass the budget. That one decision really pushed the country to the brink of the crisis.”

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