New Delhi: Popular Marathi Daily ‘Saamna’ which is the mouth piece of Shiv Sena on Tuesday enraged the Marathi Community in Maharashtra with its cartoon that mocked the ongoing protests in Maharashtra.

The cartoon provoked the Marathi community to the extent that stones were pelted at the Shiv Sena office of Navi Mumbai. 

The cartoon which has created the controversy shows a man kissing a woman on the cheek. The woman is seen holding a placard which reads, ‘Mooka Morcha’ or Kiss protest instead of ‘Mook Morcha’ which means silent protest.

Sachin Sawant, Congress spokesperson of Maharashtra has termed the cartoon as an insult to the Maratha community. The carton has triggered criticism all over social media.

The Maratha community has been conducting such rallies as protests against the gang rape and brutal murder of a 15-year old in Ahmednagar district. The community has also been demanding reservations have also asked for amendment to the Scheduled Castes Schedules Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act.