New Delhi: Dayashankar Singh who was expelled for six years from the Bharatiya Janata Party for his derogatory language against BSP Chief Mayawati, is now all set for his comeback to the party.

All set to join the party within just few months of his expulsion, Dayashankar’s ‘wapsi’ to the party might coincide with political debut for his wife, Swati Singh, who is expected to get a prominent role in women’s wing for party, after she took on the BSP leader for using abusive language against her.

However, both husband and wife are expected to participate in the upcoming UP polls.

A senior BJP leader said, “Since BSP has not taken action against its senior leader Naeemuddin Siddiqui and his supporters, who used abusive language against the women of Dayashankar’s family, the party is considering his return.”

He further added that the particular move has already been discussed by the other members of the party and might take place in October.

Dayashankar Singh, who was former vice-president of the party, was expelled in July after his derogatory remarks stirred a controversy that echoed in the monsoon session of Parliament also.

While speaking to leading daily, Dayashankar said that he has been punished more as per the crime he committed and does expect to return as he had apologised for his mistake. In a statement to the daily, Singh said, “I committed a mistake and tendered my apology to Behenji immediately. I should not be hanged for a mistake for which I have expressed my regret.”