New Delhi: After more than two inhuman incidences where people were denied ambulances and were forced to carry their dead family members to the cremation ground by their own which shook the nation, another shocker was reported from Bihar where three people were forced to carry their dead relative in a plastic bag.
As per reports, three people had brought a totally decomposed body of a family member, identified as Sintu Kumar, to Sadar hospital in Katihar, Bihar, for postmortem. But, the hospital officials denied conducting an autopsy on the body and further referred it to Bhagalpur which is about 86 kms from Sadar Hospital.
Since Bhagalpur was too far from the hospital, people requested for an ambulance. The request, however, went unheard by the officials.
After their request was ignored, the helpless and broke family members were forced to carry Sintu’s body in a plastic bag. “We were helpless after we were told to take the body to Bhagalpur for postmortem,” they said.
Further commenting of the incident, the civil surgeon from the Katihar hospital, SC Jha said, “The body was brought to us on Sunday. As it was badly decomposed, we referred it to Bhagalpur for postmortem,” he said, adding that the hospital did not have hearse facility. “It was the duty of the police to send the body to Bhagalpur,” he further added.
Sintu Kumar drowned in river Ganga at Kursela almost two weeks ago and his body was taken out on September 25.
Earlier this month, two watchmen and a sub-inspector of police were suspended after a video of them dragging the decomposed body of an unidentified youth by rope in Vaishali district had surfaced.