New Delhi: In a tragic incident being reported from Agra, the students of a private inter college were locked up for more than 3-hours in a room and were also denied to appear for their ongoing Half-Yearly examinations on the Tuesday afternoon after their parents failed to pay the fees to the school.

The students, including girls, were kept in an isolated room and were further denied to go the bathroom. After being eventually released by the school authorities, while crossing the road, three of the students were hit by a speeding tractor. While one of them is in ICU, the other two are being treated for fractured legs and other severe injuries.

The three injured students are class VII students Sonam Kumari and siblings Kavita and Vikas Singh, both studying in class VI at Prince Inter College of Navamir Kalluapura village in Dauki area of Agra. The incident came into light on Wednesday when the injured students gained their consciousness and disclosed the matter to their parents.

As per father of Sonam, Devki Nandan, “My daughter and a few other students were kept confined in a room by the school authorities and not allowed to appear for the half-yearly examination paper on Tuesday. A teacher stood guard at the door with a stick and did not permit them to even go to the toilet for more than three hours, forcing two students to relieve themselves inside the classroom.”

“We are poor farmers. We are often late in paying school fees but this does not mean the school administration can harass and torture our children like this,” he further added.

According to the school manager, Mann Singh, “We did not keep anyone confined, but yes, we did not allow them to appear for the examination, as their parents have not paid school fees for the last two years. They did not even buy books for their children.”

As per sources, the parents of the injured children are now planning to file an FIR against concerned school authorities.