Mumbai: A horrific video which has gone viral on social media shows a woman being brutally assaulted by her own son. He is seen beating and pinning her to the floor of a room with the help of his wife. The man, his wife and daughter also took a video of the horrendous act and shared it with their friends.

In the video, the helpless mother is desperate as her son is thrashing her mercilessly. Later, when mother started to call out for help, he covers her mouth with a blanket and then drags her across the room.

In an effort to save herself, she tries to slap him after which the much agitated son hangs her upside down from the ceiling.

In the video the son can also be heard saying “aaj mai isko maar hi dalunga” (I will kill her today). As per reports, the son has been beating up his mother from past three years.

After the video went viral, an NGO activist filed a First Information Report (FIR) against the son and his wife. Police is investigating the matter. However, the accused son still remains at large.