New Delhi: The Navi Mumbai Police on Thursday called off their search for “a group of suspicious men dressed in black and heard mentioning ‘school’ and ‘ONGC'” near the Uran Naval base in Navi Mumbai after they discovered that it was a prank. The 12-year-old girl who delivered the news of the “suspicious men” herself admitted that it was all a hoax. 
The girl is a student of Uran Education Society who confessed to the prank and gave a written apology. As per reports she made this story after seeing pictures of IS terrorists in black clothes. The school girl was let off with a warning and informed about the consequences of such pranks.
Last week an alert was sounded in Uran, a city 50 km from Mumbai after two students claimed sighting suspicious men in Uran.
The girl told the police authority that on September 21 while coming back from school she encountered five armed men, wearing masks and black clothes. A boy of the same school also said the same.
As per current reports, the officials have called off their search.
An official said, “Though such faux alerts remain a concern, we cannot afford to ignore any of them as, if proved correct, they are a valuable tool in preventing terror attacks. But frequent false alarms contribute to force fatigue. Citizens must also realise that false alerts cost resources and money.”
Officials also added that they could not do anything with the hoax informers as they are minors.