New Delhi: The reports in a section of Pakistani media stating that eight Indian army soldiers were captured by the Pakistani military in retaliatory fire were rejected by the Indian Army as “false and baseless”.
In regard to the report, the Indian Army sources said, “In regard to the report of killing of eight Indian Army personnel reported in sections of Pakistan media, the report is completely false and baseless.”
The report which was being carried out by ‘Dawn News’ claimed that it has killed eight Indian soldiers and captured one while retaliating to the fire by the neighbour at the first line of defence at the Line of Control (LoC). The report also said that an Indian soldier had been captured and was identified as 22-year-old Chandu Babulal Chohan son of Bashan Chohan from Maharashtra.
The report also said, “The dead bodies of the Indian soldiers are still to be recovered by the Indian forces as they lay unattended at the LoC.”
On the other side, a source from the Indian Army said that one of the soldiers from 37 RR with weapon has inadvertently crossed over to the other side of the Line of Control. However, Pakistan has been informed by the DGMO on the hotline. He further added, “Such inadvertent crossing by Army and civilians are not unusual on either side. They are returned through existing mechanisms.”
What’s interesting is that the previous report which claimed that Indian soldiers were killed was taken off from its website soon enough and an edited version was uploaded later.

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