New Delhi: The news of the adult-movie star turned Bollywood actress, Sunny Leone, making an appearance on one of the most loved TV show in India, Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain, have been doing rounds for quite a while now.

However, what’s coming out as a shock to most of the fans of the adult-movie star is that, when the actress reached the sets of the show, she had an issue with something we associate with the leading lady of the show, Angoori bhabi—her pet line ‘sahi pakde hai’.

As per reports, Sunny Leone refused to mouth the catchphrase used by the bhabhi of the show as she thought that the viewers may take it in other way. Afraid of it being misconstrued, Sunny put her foot down and the shooting was stalled for almost one hour.

According to the sources, Sunny said, “the line could connote a different meaning altogether and demanded a change in the script. The creative team was at its wit’s end trying to convince her that it did not have any other meaning and that Angoori Bhabhi used it in the literal context—‘You have caught it right.’”

The actress who will be seen in her upcoming Bollywood romantic thriller flick—Beimaan Love, will be playing herself on the show.

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