New Delhi: Atleast ten police officers of Nand Nagri police station in the northern district were suspended after the policemen failed to stop the supply of illicit liquor under their jurisdiction.

As per the police official, “After police received information about two cartons of illicit liquor being allegedly supplied and sold freely in Nand Nagri, a probe was conducted which found that illicit liquor supply was still continuing in areas which come under their jurisdiction.”

Further disclosing the matter, a senior official said, “Five policemen of Nand Nagri police station in the rank of constables and head Constables were suspended on September 28. Five policemen of Bhajanpura police station were suspended today.”

On the basis of the probe, five policemen from the Nand Nagri police station were suspended on September 28 after they were found not fulfilling their duties properly.

Today, five policemen posted at the Bhajanpura police station were suspended for not stopping the supply and sale of illicit liquor in their area, a senior official added.