New Delhi: As the vector-borne disease like dengue and malaria increased sharply in Rajasthan, the state Health Minister Rajendra Rathore blamed changing weather as the cause of the epidemic.

“Due to weather change, people are getting sick,” said Minister Rajendra Rathore.

He asserted that the state government is assessing the situation.

“Govt has given orders for free treatment of patients. All necessary medicines are made available at hospitals,” he said.

Days ago, number of dead due to the vector-borne disease dengue reached seven in the state as an 11-year-old girl died in Jaipur.

The highest number of dengue fever cases in Rajasthan were reported from Bharatpur at 229, followed Jaipur at 223.

Meanwhile, tourism sector of Rajasthan is seemingly affected by dengue and chikungunya outbreak. There were reports of cancellation of bookings on travelling and wedding plans in the state.

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