New Delhi: Sucha Singh Chottepur, who recently resigned from AAP, on Saturday, announced the name of his new political outfit party Apna Punjab Party (APP).

Seven other Aam Aadmi party volunteers, who have been with Sucha, are also joining the new party.

The Apna Punjab party will be registered as a state party with the Election commission.

With Sucha as the leader, the party would either field or support candidates in all 117 seats in the upcoming Punjab assembly elections.

The ousted leader had sent his resignation to the AAP convenor Arvind Kejriwal on September 16.

Sucha was sacked from the party following allegations of seeking bribe for allotting party tickets.

However, he demanded a CBI probe, saying that the party could defame him if proven guilty.

“A transparent system should have been framed. A committee is formed after my removal. A standard process is that a committee is formed first and then the decision is taken. But it was not the case with me,” Sucha Singh Chotepur said.

“I want to tell them that the people whom they have included in the committee were recommending my removal. I yesterday said this and I reiterate that if I had done any wrong deed, then there should be a CBI inquiry. If I am found guilty, they can defame me,” he added.