Mumbai: The Bombay High Court on Saturday asked Maharashtra government to demolish all the illegal shrines by the year-end.

The court said in its decision that no religion encourages its followers to make illegal religious structures or offer prayers in them, adding that it is the right of every citizen to walk on pavements free from obstructions.

A division bench headed by Justice Abhay Oka asked the govt to take action against the activists and politicians who may interfere in the process of demolition.

“No religion encourages its followers to construct illegal shrines or offer prayers at illegally-constructed shrines and therefore we are sure that no religious leader will oppose the demolition of the shrines,” the bench said.

“Article 25 of the Constitution, which pertains to practise and propagation of religion, does not confer the right to offer worship at any place which has been built illegally,” it added.

The court also said that those who constructed the shrines will be prosecuted.

Currently, there are 482 unauthorised religious shrines in Mumbai which will be demolished in few weeks from now.