NEW DELHI: After winning the nationwide support, it seems that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a spree to bag the much-needed support of the Muslim community in India.

During his recent meeting with the delegation of a Muslim community, Modi urged people to asses him on his performance and action of last one year instead of getting carried away by the claims made by the Opposition. (Also Read: If Muslims knock my door even at midnight, I will respond to them, says Narendra Modi. Will PM win Muslim hearts with his statement?)

According to the reports, a major jump has been seen in the number of Muslims joining the Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party during the recently concluded membership drive.

Even as these members were introduced through ‘missed calls’, the party workers involved with the drive believe that the response they received is unparallel and extraordinary. 

Reports claim that around 30 lakh Muslims joined hands with the BJP in their recent drive while the national minority cell Chief of the party, Abdul Rasheed Ansari claimed that even though the accurate number of Muslims in the party was never calculated previously, it still could be said that it has almost doubled now.

According to a media report, the membership figures shared by the minority cell indicate that states with BJP in power have seen the maximum increase in the number of Muslims supporting the party. 

On one hand where approximately 4 lakh Muslims in MP are reported to have joined BJP via ‘missed calls’, Gujarat on the other hand boasts of 2.6 lakh, followed by Delhi with 2.5 lakh and West Bengal (2.3 lakh). Rajasthan and Assam too responded well with over 2 lakh each, while Uttar Pradesh recording a number of around 1.75 lakh.

It is certain that if this big number of Muslims has shown trust in the ruling BJP via a ‘missed call’ programme, the challenge for the saffron party too has increased where first of which remains to take the current number (3%) to at least 10% of the total strength.

This would be followed by another task to convert this majority of 30 lakh Muslims into real party workers of the party through mass contact programme that is presently on.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is reportedly extremely delighted to see the increasing number in Muslim support for his party. While the number of Muslims in BJP in Uttar Pradesh never really crossed the 1-lakh benchmark, to see this inclination is certainly a positive point for the saffron brigade.
Muslims VS Narendra Modi

Muslims and Narendra Modi in the past have not shared a very cordial relationship due to the 2002 Gujarat riots. The official figures claimed that 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus were killed in the incident while 2,500 people were injured non-fatally, and 223 went missing. However, other sources claimed that over 2, 00 Muslims were killed in the communal clash for which the then Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi was targeted by the minority community.

Muslims ever since the incident have held Modi responsible for the massacre stating that he is a Hindu Nationalist and aims to keep Muslims as a ‘minority community’ forever in India. 

However, even as Modi was given a clean chit in the case by the Supreme Court, the perception of the people did not change.
Ever since then, Modi has been trying to pacify his relationship with Muslim community in different parts of the country. While he achieved his goal at some places, some areas still stood against him.

With the recent reports of Muslim standing in support of Modi, it seems that the wait for Modi is over and he is set to gain their trust once again in the country.

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