New Delhi: The Supreme Court has weighed in heavily in the dispute between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu over the sharing of Cauvery water which has resulted in a possible drought-like situation for the farmers in neighbouring Tamil Nadu.

The Supreme Court, apparently exhausted by Karnataka repeatedly defying orders, has set a deadline of 2 PM till tomorrow to release the blocked Cauvery water to Tamil Nadu.

The Centre, however, has not adhered to the Supreme Court order and has maintained that parliament alone has the authority to create a committee which will examine and study the Cauvery crisis.

The Cauvery water sharing dispute has been a long-standing issue between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, dating to almost more than eight decades. But due to the intensity of the current crisis and the short monsoon rain, Tamil Nadu approached Karnataka for the release of more water, which gradually precipitated into riots.

The Supreme Court has ordered the Siddaramaiah government to stop defying its orders and release the Cauvery water to Tamil Nadu.