New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to counter the false propaganda of Pakistan denying any kind of surgical strike carried out by India across the Line of Control (LoC).

In a video tweeted by Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Kejriwal said, “We salute Prime Minister Narendra Modi for taking the decision to carry out surgical strike. Recently they (Pakistan) took a delegation of international media to Pakistan and told them that there was no surgical strike at all by the Indian forces. They are spreading a false propaganda. Modiji should expose the false propaganda of Pakistan.”

Kejriwal also retweeted his party handle saying, “As we fight Pakistan on Ground, we must fight their propaganda as well.”

AAP chief Kejriwal continued and said that Pakistan was now playing pathetic politics and taking journalists to those sites where India claimed to have carried out surgical strikes.

He said that Pakistan is trying to scuttle the credibility of India in the international arena and indulging in cheap politics.

He also mentioned a brief that the United Nations gave two days back which reportedly supported Pakistan’s claim that no strike happened.

In his message, Kejriwal has appealed to the Prime Minister that he should counter false propaganda by Islamabad and the entire nation is standing behind him.

“We fully support the PM on surgical strikes. Urge him to similarly counter Pakistan’s dirty propaganda. I salute Prime Minister Narendra Modi-ji.”

(With inputs from IANS)