Hyderabad: In another case of irresponsible stunt, two teenagers lost their life on Monday after they drowned in a quarry filled with rainwater during an attempt to take selfies.
According to reports, the incident took place at Kothwalguda when some youngesters who entered into a quarry to click some pictures. But unfortunely, two teenagers, in an attempt to take selfies went deep into the water and drowned. 
In another such case, a National level athlete named Pooja Kumari had died while taking a selfie near a harvesting plant in the Sports Authority of India (SAI) academy in Bhopal in July this year. 
Of late, the selfie craze has claimed the lives of several youngsters across India. From posing near rivers and in front of fast moving vehicles, youngsters have been trying to experiment with ‘selfie subjects’ to get impressive pictures for their social media profiles. These ‘selfie stunts’ have been costing the nation many loss of young lives. 

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