New Delhi: It is very often said that the word impossible itself says ‘I M Possible’; here comes an exemplary example of it. In a recent incident that came to light, Vikram Agnihotri from Indore who is a double amputee and drives with his legs has succeeded in getting for himself a permanent driving license.
The 45-year-old motivational speaker is probably the first person without arms to get a license.
As per reports, Agnihotri, who runs a gas agency and is at present pursuing LLB said driving helps him feel ‘liberated’. He drives an automatic gear shift car, and he holds the steering wheel with his right foot, and accelerator with his left. 
Agnihotri applied for a permanent license in October 2015 which was rejected initially and was asked to take rigorous driving test on a heavy-vehicle track. After rejection he approached the transport commissioner tribunal in Gwalior.
Agnihotri received the license on September 30 in ‘invalid category’. From the time he received his learner’s license Agnihotri has driven around 14,500km in Indore without any mishap

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