New Delhi: An Indian student was sentenced to life imprisonment by a court in New Zealand after he killed his pregnant girlfriend Gurpreet Kaur by stabbing her 29 times.

He displayed “cruelty, brutality and callousness” in murdering 22-year-old Gurpreet, Auckland High Court judge Matthew Palmer said.

“Not only did you murder Gurpreet Kaur and deprive her family of her existence, but you deprived her and her family of the potential of another life,” the judge said.

The man, who goes by the name of just Akash, in a highly drugged condition stabbed Gurpreet after she told him the baby not was his. He then dumped the body on the roadside bushes of south of Auckland.

He first pleaded guilty but later confessed his crime in August.

The couple was secretly dating for about 12 months but Akash on April 7 was shattered when Gurpreet told him that the baby was not his and she wanted to end the relationship.


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