New Delhi: While some in the opposition continue to doubt the government and the forces of whether they even conducted the surgical strikes or not, indisputable evidence has emerged confirming that surgical strikes were genuine. 
A news report by the Indian Express has exposed Pakistan’s propaganda of discrediting India’s surgical strike. The daily contacted the people living on the Pakistani side of the Line of Control (LoC) through their friends and relatives living on the Indian side. The people gave graphic accounts of what happened in the early hours of Thursday i.e. September 28th. 
Two of the eyewitnesses provided details account of fighting in Dudhnial, a village nearby LoC, where the Indian troops destroyed a Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) staging post near the Al-Haawi bridge. This staging post was the last point where Lashkar cadre, trying to infiltrate across the LoC, used to be equipped. Multiple rounds fired were heard by the villagers. Five to six people at least seemed to have been killed, the bodies of whom were loaded on a truck and transported to Chalhana, the nearest Lashkar camp. 
Leepa, a cluster of 25 villages, situated at the bottom of the Qazi Nag stream, was among the launch pads targeted by the Indian forces while carrying out the surgical strikes. The forces also blew up a three-storied Lashkar-occupied building near Khairati Bagh village. This is very close to the LoC where Jamaat ud Dawa (JuD), LeT’s charitable organisation ran a major relief camp in August itself. 
Athmuqam, which houses Pakistan military forces, was also hit by the Indian Army targeting a JuD staging post at the same time in the early hours of Thursday. 
However, it is not known whether the number of terrorists being gunned down by the Indian Army is the same as claimed by them, but it is sure that surgical strike was carried out.