New Delhi: Surinder Koli was found guilty in the 2006 Noida serial killings case on Wednesday. Koli was the sole accused in Nanda Devi and Rimpa Halder murder case, more popularly known as Nithari murder case. Nanda and Rimpa were the victims of the gruesome killings committed by Surinder Koli in 2006. 
Surinder Koli was also accused of sexually assaulting the girls, killing them and also allegedly eating them. 
Quantum of punishment will be announced on October 7th. 
Surinder Koli, the aid of a politically influential businessman Moninder Singh Pandher came into light, when two residents of Nithari hinted towards his involvement behind the disappearance of several children in the past two years. The case was further strengthened when the dead remains of the children were found in the drain situated outside the house of the businessman, in which Koli worked as a servant.
The 2006 Noida serial murders turned into the most gruesome killings which shook the entire nation.