New Delhi: The Deshpriya Park Puja Committee in south Kolkata that gained immense popularity after erecting the tallest Durga idol in the world last year has come up with something better this time.

The committee has come up with the idol of Durga Maa in her ‘Hazaar Haath’ (one thousand hands) avatar this time.

The Deshapriya Park Puja Committee in 2015 created a milestone by installing an 88-feet Durga idol which literally created a buzz in the media with its campaign days before in advance.

The Idol of durga that the committee decked up this year has 1000 hands which will slay a 40-feet Mahisasura, the demon.

While speaking to media, the spokesperson of Deshapriya Park Durgotsav Committee said,” “We are bringing Maa in ‘Hazaar Haat’ avatar this time for lakhs of revellers, who had thronged Deshapriya Park last year but could not catch a glimpse of the idol. But whether there will be as many weapons in her hands will be divulged when the idol is unveiled on the inauguration day.”

As per reports, the entrance gate of the pandal is shaped in the form of a huge demon head through which the visitors can enter the 40ft x40 ft pandal. Prominent sculptor Mintu Pal is making the idol. 





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