New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Thursday directed the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to give an undertaking that it will implement Lodha Committee directions unconditionally or face the orders which will be passed by the Supreme Court.

The BCCI and Lodha Committee have been at loggerheads since the reforms introduced by committee headed by Justice Lodha. While the Lodha Committee has claimed that its directions have not been followed, the BCCI has countered that by saying that the committee was over-performing their function of legality.

The Supreme Court has now told the BCCI that if the board refuses to give any undertaking by tomorrow, then the Supreme Court will pass direct orders on the matter.

The Lodha Committee was formed post the 2013 IPL spotfixing scandal following which, the committee introduced various reforms to trickle down the irregularities in the hugely popular sport.