NEW DELHI: The controversies revolving around Air India are increasing with each passing day as several incidents related to its aircraft and crew members are grabbing headlines frequently. 

In two fresh episodes related to crime and negligence, the airline has once again hit the controversial side and is back in limelight for all wrong reasons.

In the first incident, a cabin crew member of an Air India flight was detained by the Jeddah Airport authorities on charges of smuggling gold as he was to board the flight bind for Kochi, along with 11 other crew members.

The incident enforced the airline to fly with 11 crew members instead of the compulsory 12.  The airline however has not released any official word on it. (Also Read: Air India pilots fought in cockpit because one addressed another as ‘Uncle’)

A spokesperson speaking about the event said, “The cabin crew is still in detention. We are ascertaining the reason behind his detention,” adding, that the airline will take suitable action regarding this matter.

In another incident, an Air India Express flight scheduled to depart from Bangalore for Muscat at 8.50 AM was extremely delayed as the airline rostered only one out of two pilots needed to operate the flight. (Also Read: Air India crew member caught smuggling 3 kgs gold worth Rs 78 lakh: Customs)

Air India Express flights are functioned with Boeing 737 aircraft that is flown with two pilots (a commander and a first officer). (Also Read: Air India Airbus makes emergency landing in Lucknow after its windshield cracked)

An airline source informed that the crew scheduling department of the airline which administers the roster of the pilots actually forgot to roster first officer for the Bangalore-Muscat-Kuwait flight.”

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