New Delhi: Following the demand to the government by some political leaders in the country to release the proof of Indian Army’s recently conducted surgical strikes, 26/11 public prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam spoke to NewsX and said that the government cannot release the proof as it was bound by law. 
Speaking exclusively to NewsX, Ujjwal Nikam warned Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal and all others against demanding proof on the surgical strikes, as it was against the law.
Clarifying his stand, Ujjwal pointed to the Bombay High Court’s order passed during the 26/11 trial that rules out details of the special operations, counter terror strikes, covert operations across the border and so said that such details cannot be disclosed into the public domain.
Also, according to the precendent in Bombay High Court, it had clearly banned the release of proof and strict guidlines set for NSG evidence during 26/11 trial where operational details and methods were all in the ‘no release’ list.
Further speaking on the issue, Ujjwal Nikam said, “Do these people disbelieve our Army’s version; providing video proof can endanger our army in the future.”
“It’s illegal to reveal strike details; Bombay HC had laid strict guidelines during 26/11 trial; ‘can’t reveal operational details,” Ujjwal said. 
“The methods used in any commando action cannot be disclosed. This is not a matter to be discussed in public domain. If they feel it is a bogus story they should challenge in court,” Ujjwal added.